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Health Benefits of Flowers

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Have you ever wonder 'is there any health benefits from flowers?'

According to scientific researches, there are numerous emotional and physical health benefits of flowers.

In addition to brightening up a room, flowers can also be used in teas or taken medicinally, if prepared properly. Here are just a few flowers with proposed medicinal benefits:

  • Echinacea: May help enhance your immune system

  • Lavender: Promotes a feeling of relaxation, lavender water can act as a skin wash to treat acne

  • Foxglove: Used to treat cardiovascular issues (atrial fibrillationand heart failure); The drug Digitalis, is made from foxglove extract

  • Lily of the valley: Helps treat heart conditions and dropsy. In the past, it was used to help WWI soldiers recover after gas poisoning.

  • Rose: High in Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties, treats coughs and colds

  • Chamomile: Soothes anxiety and headaches, aids sleep and digestion, and helps relieve stomach cramps and indigestion

  • Evening primrose: May help relieve depression and balance hormones

  • Lonicera Flower: Antiviral and antibiotic properties, used to treat colds, flu, and sore throats in Eastern medicine, part of the remedy for swine flu

  • Viola Flower: Anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties; used to treat fevers and infections; used to treat snake bites

  • Pagoda flower: Used in the treatment of bleeding disorders

  • Chrysanthemum: Treats dry eyes, fevers and headaches; used to aid digestive, circulatory and nervous system issues in Western medicine

  • Safflower: Used to treat blood clots, heart disease, joint pain, menstrual cramps and flat warts

  • Magnolia: Nasal congestion, effectively clears nasal passages and relieves sinus headaches

  • Lotus: Treats bleeding disorders, irritability and fevers

Some plants may interact with certain medications, so please to talk with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen.


In addition to health benefit from edible flower, beautiful flower arrangements will give emotional comfort as you feel loved, cared and cherished.

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