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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Flowers that are properly cared for can stay healthy and beautiful for longer period of time. Here’s some advice on how to keep your floral arrangement looking its best for as long as possible!

-When you first get your flowers home, take them out of any plastic wrappings they are in. Fill a vase or bowl with enough water to submerge the flower stems. Pick a spot for your flowers away from any steady breezes(fans, heating vents, etc), which can dry out flowers quickly.

-It’s not necessary to pick a spot that exposes flowers to direct sunlight all day long. This is especially true in the summer, where a hot sun can dry out flowers even more quickly. Flowers get enough light from reflected sunlight to survive as long as they can. Cooler spots at room temperature is the best place for fresh flowers.

-For many flowers, refilling their container with fresh water every day is a good idea. Your florist will also provide you with flour preservatives(flower food) to add as well. Even if you don’t change their water daily, keep an eye on it – when the water gets cloudy that’s a sign it needs changing.

-To clean the flower bowl or vase, remove all of the flowers and wash the container out with soapy water. Replace the healthy flowers into the container as soon as possible. Remove any dead or dying flowers from the arrangement to keep remaining flower fresh longer.

-Cut a little bit of the bottom of the stems out every day to keep your flowers fully hydrated. Cut an inch or two from the bottom. It’s best to use a knife to cut the flowers instead of scissors, as the scissors can compress the stem and cause damage. Cut the stem diagonally instead of straight across so the flowers can absorb moisture better.

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