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Simple Hanukkah Decorating Ideas

It's time to decorate your house to celebrate Hanukkah. We have some ideas to help you plan your decoration this year.

Modern Menorah from Concrete

Make this faux marble menorah from concrete, a free template mold, and colored dye! You pick what dye to use in your own personalized marbled menorah. Gray and silver would create a faux-marble look for an affordable price, but we went with traditional blue and white.

DIY Hanukkah Tablesettings

This dip-dye table runner uses the traditional colors--blue and white--of Hanukkah. Make matching dip-dye napkins to finish your DIY Hanukkah table settings.

DIY Hanukkah Garland

We wrapped a hurricane vase in paper and decorated with aluminum foil tape to add a simple update to the mantle, then hung this easy DIY Hanukkah garland. We made colorful paper cutouts with stamped patterns. Glue a short string to each end of the cutout and connect to form a chain.

Handmade Hanukkah Giftwrap

You have eight nights of gifts to give, and eight nights to try a new homemade Hanukkah gift wrap! We have a free template to make your own paper and stamps, DIY gift bows, and fun Star of David gift tags

Paper Hanukkah Napkin Rings

These paper napkin rings add a personal touch to your Hanukkah table. You can hand draw the Star of David or use a stamp. We used the free stamp how-to from our Hanukkah giftwrap. To create a 3D design, cut out half the shape then fold along the center line. This easy DIY napkin ring would also go well with our other Hanukkah tablescapes.

Easy Candle Display

This non-traditional take on a candle display is super easy and a great way to bring oil into your Hanukkah tradition. This floating candle display can replace a menorah. All you need are tealights, oil, colored dye and water.

Mantel Scarf

Focus attention on the traditions of Hanukkah with a tabletop or mantel display of six-pointed stars, Hanukkah gelt, and dreidels.

Gilded Hanukkah Tree

Hang pairs of chocolate gelt and golden dreidels as ornaments from a stick-style tree.

Six-Point Star Hanger

Beads, card stock, and ribbon make up this six-point star that will welcome guests into your home.

Hanukkah Boxwood and Statice Star Centerpiece

This centerpiece beautifully frames the menorah, a symbol of the Festival of Lights. Boxwood and statice are formed into a Star of David that envelops your menorah, turning it into an inspiring holiday centerpiece.

Organza Bags

These translucent bags add shimmer to your gift exchanges. Fabric-stiffening liquid is the secret ingredient that gives the organza cloth extra body.

Source : Better Homes & Gardens

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