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The Language of Flowers

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Meanings of Herbs, Flowers, and Other Plants

Flowers have their own language and talk to us in ways we can understand.

From those that represent themes of love and friendship, to those that symbolize sympathy and care, flowers are suitable for every occasion.

Love U Flowers will introduce you to some flowers that can help you send special messages to your loved ones.

Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants

Aloe : Healing, protection, affection

Amaryllis : Pride Anemone Forsaken

Angelica : Inspiration

Apple blossom : Preference

Arborvitae : Unchanging friendship

Aster : Symbol of Love, Daintiness

Bachelor’s button : Single blessedness

Basil : Good wishes

Bay : Glory

Begonia : Beware

Bittersweet : Truth

Black-eyed Susan : Justice

Bluebell : Humility, kindness

Candytuft : Indifference

Carnation : Women, Love

– Red carnation :My Heart Aches, admiration

– White carnation : Innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift

– Pink carnation : I’ll never forget you

– Yellow carnation : Disdain, disappointment, rejection

Chamomile : Patience

Chives : Usefulness

Chrysanthemum : Cheerfulness

Clover, white : Think of me

Coreopsis : Always cheerful

Coriander : Hidden worth

Crocus, spring : Youthful gladness

Cumin : Fidelity

Cyclamen : Resignation and good-bye

Daffodil : Regard

Daisy: A flower symbolic of innocence, purity, and of loyal love.

Dill : Powerful against evil

Edelweiss : Courage, devotion

Fennel : Flattery

Fern : Sincerity, humility; also, magic and bonds of love

Forget-me-not : True love memories

Gardenia : Secret love

Geranium, oak-leaved : True friendship

Gladiolus : Remembrance

Goldenrod : Encouragement, good fortune

Heliotrope : Eternal love

Holly : Hope

Hollyhock : Ambition

Honeysuckle : Bonds of love

Horehound : Health

Hyacinth : Games and sport, playfulness, rashness

– Blue Hyacinth : Constancy of love

– Purple Hyacinth : Sorrow, forgiveness, regret

– Yellow Hyacinth : Jealousy

– White Hyacinth : Loveliness, prayers for someone

Hydrangea : Gratitude for being understood; frigidity and heartlessness

Hyssop : Sacrifice, cleanliness

Iris : A message

Ivy : Friendship, continuity

Jasmine, white : Sweet love

Lady’s-mantle : Comforting

Lavender : Devotion, virtue

Lemon balm : Sympathy

Lilac : Joy of youth

Lily, calla : Beauty

Lily, day : Chinese emblem for mother

Lily-of-the-valley : Sweetness, purity

Lotus Flower : Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth

Magnolia : Love of nature

Marigold : Despair, grief, jealousy

Marjoram : Joy and happiness

Mint : Virtue

Morning glory : Affection

Myrtle : Good luck and love in a marriage

Nasturtium : Patriotism

Oak : Strength

Oregano : Substance

Pansy : Thoughts

Parsley : Festivity

Peony :Bashful, happy life

Pine : Humility

Poppy, red : Consolation

Rhododendron : Danger, flee

Rose : The meaning of a rose can differ depending on the color of the rose

- White: purity, innocence, silence, reverence

- Red: love and desire, I love you

- Pink: grace, happiness, gentleness

- Yellow: joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning

- Orange: desire and enthusiasm

- Lavender: love at first sight

- Coral: friendship, modesty, sympathy

- Dark crimson : Mourning

Rosemary : Remembrance

Rue : Grace, clear vision

Sage : Wisdom, immortality

Salvia, blue : I think of you

Salvia, red : Forever mine

Savory : Spice, interest

Sorrel : Affection

Southernwood : Constancy, jest

Sunflower : Adoration

Sweet pea : Pleasures

Sweet William : Gallantry

Sweet woodruff : Humility

Tansy : Hostile thoughts

Tarragon : Lasting interest

Thyme : Courage, strength

Tulip, red : Passion, declaration of love

Tulip, yellow : Sunshine in your smile

Valerian : Readiness

Violet : Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty

Wallflower : Faithfulness in adversity

Willow : Sadness

Yarrow : Everlasting love

Zinnia : Thoughts of absent friends

Source :The Old Farmer's Almanac

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